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or - How to Throw a Kick-Ass LOBSTAH Party ???

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Lobster Dinner Specials

Find out how to throw a kick-ass lobster bash no matter where you live! Learn More.

Got someone special with a March Birthday? Honor the birthday boy or girl with our selection of sensational, mouth-watering lobster gifts.

Order today and choose your delivery date at checkout so your present arrives on the big day! Check em\ out!

Lobster Birthday Paty
Lobster Tail Meat Special

Lobster Tails Out-of-the-Shell

Our "naked" lobster tails are completely de-shelled, cleaned and fresh frozen.No crackers required! Simply steam or try poached with butter!

  • Caught fresh, frozen raw, uncooked
  • 1 pound per tray
  • Sixwhole, shucked tails per tray.
  • Certified sustainably harvested
Lazy Man Surf and Turf

Lazy Man Surf & Turf

Does not get any easier with our shucked, out-of-the-shell lobster tails. Paired with our center-cut, melt in your mouth filet mignons! Includes Casco Bay sea salt butter. Ships FREE

12 Oakland St., Amesbury, MA

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Any March birthdays? Birthdays are for celebrating, and we\ve got everything you need to make your day the best day of the year! We\ve got dozens of sensational, super fresh seafood gift baskets. Plus learn how to throw a kick-ass lobster bash no matter where you live! Our fresh seafood is delivered overnight to your door. Whether you are planning a formal dinner or want a unique gift they\ll love, we have the perfect mix of live lobsters, clam chowder, shellfish and more. Every order is packed with care, delivered right from the boat to your table. Since 1999 we have shipped live Maine lobsters, creamy clam chowder, sweet lobster tails, and other fixings coast-to-coast. Need a special birthday or anniversary gift?> Point,& Crack - How to Throw a Kick-Ass LOBSTAH Party ???